12 Ways To Spend a Perfect Day in Copenhagen 

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Out of every Scandinavian and Nordic city we went to. Copenhagen by far ranked highest on our list, not only is Copenhagen full of lots to see but it simply is just a beautiful city with really kind people. Copenhagen sits on a coastal island and as such waterways exist throughout. As for transportation the bus and train system is very well connected. Here it seems that everyone rides bike as when the streets weren’t super busy the bike lanes were. This is mainly because Copenhagen is quite small and really laid out. Everyday we came here we would take a train into the center in the morning then just walk everywhere else. Copenhagen is expensive compared to the rest of Europe but falls in line with the prices of the rest of Scandinavian countries. 

We were in Copenhagen for four days but in one day we were able to see mostly see everything just by walking site to site. So I wanted to include the best things to see and do in Copenhagen for the perfect day. 

Church of Our Savior

Probably the most famous church in Copenhagen. This church has an extremely unique spire turning counter clockwise. With such a large spire overlooking the city you are able to climb the stairs and go to the top to see in my opinion the best view of Copenhagen.

Freetown Christiana 

Freetown Christiana

If you want to see some of the alternative living then check out Freetown Christiana. It is a commune of about 1000 different people in Copenhagen. Even though marijuana is illegal in Denmark, it is readily available to buy on Pusher Street at open tables and displays just make sure to take no pictures. Freetown Christiana doesn’t just have marijuana though. It is full of different delicious cafes, food stalls, and of course amazing and unique street art. We really enjoyed walking through here seeing the different urban art and expression. 



Nyhavn pronounced “new-haven” is famous for its brightly colored homes and buildings in front of a canal that has many old ships. Nyhavn is just such a picturesque area, there are many different restaurants along the waterfront to grab a bite to eat. Another fun fact the author or the little mermaid lived here and while living here he wrote the fairytale princess and the pea. 

Christus and 12 Apostles Statues

Christus and Twelve Apostle Statues In Church Of Our Lady Copenhagen

Located in the Church of Our Lady stands an assortment of beautiful statues of the twelve apostles and Jesus Christ standing at the center. The church itself is pretty, but these statues are absolutely amazing. Made out of Carrara Marble and created by Bertel Thorvaldsen a danish artist who studied and worked in Rome for many years and was renowned in Denmark. 

Christiansborg Palace

Within short walking distance of many other sites in Copenhagen is Christiansborg Palace. This palace is used by the queen for official events and royal duties, if you notice the flag here at full mast then that means the queen is currently there! Inside you will find beautiful tapestries, crown jewels, and grand architecture. When we went there we were able to even see some horses out in the royal stables. 

The Little Mermaid Statue

Designed by Edvard Eriksen in 1913 the little mermaid bronze statue depicts a mermaid becoming human while on a rock. The mermaid itself is based off the fairytale The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson a famous Danish author. If visiting here don’t expect this statue to be breathtaking as it isn’t huge but is nice to see and take a picture. 

Tivoli Gardens

Being the second oldest amusement park in the world with many different rides, games, and concerts. Tivoli Gardens is such a unique amusement park because without the rides it still is beautiful. They offer two types of tickets an entrance tickets and an entrance ticket with unlimited rides. Tivoli Gardens is more expensive then the other thing you will do in Copenhagen so if you want its nice to just buy the entrance ticket and walk around the gardens and grab a hot chocolate or coffee. You can see all the rides at TivoliGardens.com.

Superkilen Park

Superkilen Park is much more different than your traditional park. This is an urban park which is exemplified in the different art all around. Superkilen is spit up into three parts. The Red Square which designates the modern, urban life with café, music and sports, The Black Market which is the classic square with fountain and benches, then Green Park is a park for picnics, sports and walking the dog. When visiting here keep an eye out for all the different diverse art some of which is from different parts of the world. 

Frederiks Church 

One of the most awe inspiring churches in Copenhagen. This round church is covered with an iconic copper green dome. This is one of the most coveted spots today for weddings in Copenhagen thanks to its incredible architecture. 


The largest car free shopping area in Copenhagen. Strøget is a must see and really hard to miss in while in Copenhagen, in fact it is the largest pedestrian streets in Europe coming in at a little over a half a mile. Here you can find budget clothing chain stores, designer stores, and many different small local businesses. If you find yourself on Strøget enjoy yourself and get some food at one of the many different delicious restaurants. 

Eat a Danish

Copenhagen Danish Pastry


This isn’t your typical hotel continental breakfast mediocre danish. The danish’s in Denmark are incredible and while visiting Copenhagen I am quite sure this may be my new favorite pastry. A danish is a layered flaky pastry with some type of filling like fruit in the center. Originally brought by Austrian bakers the danish is now a Denmark specialty. You can find these in any bakery in Copenhagen, make sure to get a couple different ones to try.

Finish your day off at the delicious Guldgrillen. If you like pork and gravy then when eating at Guldgrillen you will be in heaven. Featuring roasted pork sandwiches smothered in Gravy with French fries on the side. This place was by far our favorite place to eat at while in Copenhagen. Guldgrillen opens at 5pm on weekdays and only accepts cash so make sure you get out money in advance. I would recommend getting there right when it opens as it gets really busy.