What to Pack When Traveling the World

What to pack when traveling the world

This is our first official post on our blog and we are hoping to update it as we travel with the latest gear and things we find useful while traveling. You are probably wondering what in the heck would you pack when traveling for a few months or a year. You may think the only way to travel is by a carry-on plus another checked bag or two. Today with more and more international airlines charging money for each bag weighing over 7kg. The best way to save money while also maximizing storage is by bringing a single large backpack. This allows you to maximize both space and mobility. Often times when we think of ‘backpacking” we think of roughing it out camping or traveling across Europe by foot. With new advances in backpacks and technology you can still travel quite stylishly with all your tech and just as much clothes, with more mobility than a carry-on. Just imagine the freedom a backpack gives you instead of a wheeled carry-on. Picture for a moment wheeling a carry-on as you try to catch different subways in Japan to the airport, or walking a mile in Thailand with one.  It gets old pretty fast, so below i’ve included a list of how to be the most efficient and mobile traveler, without giving up comfort.

Below are my top suggestions of what I’ve personally brought to travel with. My must haves for traveling abroad in the 21st century.

Tortuga Outbreak Backpack 45L

This travel backpack bundle by Tortuga features a backpack and also packing cubes to further organization. With a separate pocket for a laptop, iPad, and different electronics this pocket opens from the back keeping it in its own section away from your clothes. This makes it relatively easy and fast when going through airport security to remove a laptop or tablet. Also it features a main pouch for clothes that opens sideways like a regular suitcase. This backpack can fit lots of tech and clothes in such a small space. It is TSA compliant so it is perfectly fine to take on a plane, and stow above you in the U.S. even when purchasing budget tickets through major airlines where you only get a personal item to bring on the flight I have never have had a problem or asked to check it while in the U.S.. International airlines especially in Europe and Asia always weigh your bags to make sure the carry on is not above 7kg so you will most likely have to check it. This is the backpack that I purchased even though it is quite large. But hey a girl’s gotta have clothes right?

Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large

This bag while I haven’t owned, Zach owned and loved! He thinks very highly of Osprey and started to swear by backpacking using this very bag over a year ago. This is a cheaper and smaller option than the Tortuga bag.

Eagle Creek Travel Clothes Folder

This garment folder from Eagle Creek is perfect for keeping wrinkle free shorts, pants, t-shirts, button up shirts, and dresses all the while compacting them to allow more space in your backpack, or suitcase. It has really been a life saver for us since traveling adding more room in our bag while keeping our nicer clothes wrinkle free.

Travel Luggage Locks

Travel locks to keep any unwanted people or pickpocketer from getting into your things. Simply create your own three digit code, and use these on your backpack zippers, or luggage. These locks are TSA approved so no need to worry about them getting cut into at the airport.

Travel Shoe Bag

These waterproof nylon bags, are perfect for packing any type of shoe and keeping them from dirtying your other clothes.

Laundry Bag

It looks like a cute little bag but it actually unzips to become a sack for dirty clothes with a drawstring. Being able to zip this up makes it that much more compact for packing. If you want to keep your sanity and an organized place and bag when traveling this is a must. There has been many times we have to lug this to the nearest place to get our laundry done which would be a major hassle without a bag.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This bag is perfect for stowing all your toiletries in a compact bag, with different pockets. It also can be hung for more space in smaller bathrooms.

Oursunshine Toiletry Bottles

You can put those cruel moments to rest of when you open your bag to discover shampoo is over everything it shouldn’t be! Since getting these bottles I have never had another accidental leak or spill. Made of durable silicon, these tubes are extremely easy to clean and reuse. I’ve used them for sunscreen, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and lotion. Mine have stayed intact with over a year of use. They can be cleaned very easily to put something different inside as well.

Spray Bottles

After my extensive research trying to find travel spray bottles that weren’t cheaply, or poorly made. Also that wouldn’t leak in my bag. I found these spray mist bottles. I use them all the time, they are perfect for hairspray, facial mister, perfume, and so much more. They each come in at 3.4oz so they are perfect for a carryon.

Travel Adapter

Joomfeen makes one of the best travel adaptors for an inexpensive price. This little guy is great for keeping your phone, computer charged in over 150 countries in the world.

Power Strip

This power strip is great to plug into your travel adapter it has 3 ac ports, and 3 fast charging USB ports to make sure you always have enough ports to charge your things. Another plus about this surge protector is that the cord plugs in to the travel adapter. Other extension I’ve used in the past plug directly into the travel adapter without a cord, the weight of it always constantly pulls the adapter out of the plug. This power strip has overload protection which is supposed to act as somewhat of a surge protector. DO NOT trust this as a surge protector, after a power surge in Laos where Zach’s MacBook Pro charger was fried from this we were very grateful we didn’t have any electronics plugged in at that time.

Portable Charger

A portable charger is always a must for keeping all your devices juiced up, this Anker portable charger has enough power to charge an iPhone XS four times.

Travel Router

Having a travel router is an excellent addition to your travels and I would highly recommend getting one. At a hotel you can use this little guy to login once on the hotel network and create your own wifi to hook up any of your devices. Or hook it to an ethernet cable to create your own wifi network. When overseas you can use a VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) with this router for privacy or for your devices to access Netflix and Hulu as if in the United States. To learn more about a VPN or see which one we use visit Express VPN.

Retractable Ethernet Cable

Great for using with the travel router, it is retractable so it’s easier to stay organized.

Apple TV

Of course we had to bring an Apple TV to keep up to date on all our shows! We have been so glad we brought this, it is really nice to not have to always watch things on the iPad if we have a tv where we are staying.

Retractable HDMI Cable

Having a retractable HDMI cable frees up a lot of space and keeps you organized when wanting to hook up your Apple TV to a TV.

We hope you have fun and safe travels and this suggestions can help you while traveling! Any other suggestions leave down in the comments. I also have a list of other travel bloggers you can follow to get the latest tips, as of now I only have one blog listed but will be updating the list as our travels progress.